Simplify Your Home Security and Automation through ONE App!

Ring and Zwave Integration Features & Benefits

Discover the future of home security and automation with Las Vegas Valley Technology Group’s Ring Products and their Zwave integration. Experience unparalleled ease of use where a single app controls all your home automation needs. Gone are the days of juggling multiple apps for different devices. Ring’s seamless integration with Zwave technology transforms the way you secure and manage your home, offering a hassle-free solution ideal for those less tech-savvy.

Ring Security System:

Your safety is paramount, which is why our Ring Security System includes a Base Station with full battery and cellular backup. Even during power or internet outages, your security is uncompromised. The Zwave Base Station ensures all your devices are connected. Don’t forget to look out for the Zwave logo on our page! The Zwave Extender bridges your Zwave partner products with the Ring base station, connecting everything to the easy-to-use Ring app. The system also features Contact Sensors for doors and windows, Motion Detectors tailored to your home’s square footage, and a Smoke and CO2 listening device. Plus, Glass Break Sensors and Alarm Keypads enhance your security setup. Control your alarm from your phone and receive real-time notifications for any security breach. Learn more

Ring Security Cameras and Lighting:

Our range includes the Ring Floodlight Camera, Spotlight Camera, Stick Up Camera, and Indoor Camera. Each camera is designed to detect and record motion, with customizable settings to focus on specific areas. This means you record what matters, without unnecessary distractions. Learn more

Ring Video Doorbell:

Stay informed with our Ring Video Doorbell. Whether someone approaches your front door or rings your bell, you’ll get immediate notifications. It even differentiates between packages and people. Learn more

Ring Smart Lighting:

Our smart floodlights detect motion and alert you through the app or chime at the base station and keypads. Integrated with Alexa, these lights provide instant motion notifications. Learn more

Myq Smart Garage Opener:

Integrate your garage door with Ring! Get notified when your garage opens and closes. Link to your Amazon account and receive deliveries directly in your garage! Learn more

Integrated Products:

  • Alexa: Control all your Ring devices with voice commands through Echo Pop, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Echo Show also allows for video viewing of your cameras.
  • Automated Thermostats with Zwave Technology: Manage your home’s temperature with Honeywell Home Zwave Thermostats and Amazon Smart Thermostat, all through the Ring App and voice control with Alexa.
  • Automated Smart Locks: Secure your home with Kwikset, Schlage, and Amazon locks featuring Zwave technology, integrated with the Ring app, and controllable via Alexa.
  • Myq Smart Garage Door: Garage door security and management with ease through Myq – all managed through Ring!
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